Summer is Not Over Yet

If you are one of those who prepared in advance, then it is time to reap the benefits! And sorry, not the 'spreading your towel on the sand and enjoying the sun' type of perks, but work related ones!

The summer is not over yet; the days are still sunny, people are more open to new ideas and it is at this time of year that real estate agents work hard to bank sales into the fall months.

Vacation or Work?

During Summer People Tend to Search for Properties

This uptick in the routine of real estate agents occurs because it is in the summer that foreign buyers tend to start to penetrate the real estate market. On the other hand, those who want to sell, tend to list their properties also during summer.

It is also at this time that foreign buyers, after learning about the available offers in the market, choose to travel and visit properties that are of interest to them. This is the final stage of the purchase process and is where business and leisure come together. Foreign travelers will take advantage of not only good investment opportunities, but also good temperatures.

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But be careful ... don't do any of these 5 things if you want to sell!

1. Don't go on vacation now

Yes, it is very tempting to take family and children on school holidays and hit the road for a few days of rest. After the period of restrictions due to COVID-19, some borders are open and people are traveling.

Instead, take advantage of this time of year to invest in your future! Foreigners are traveling and it is important to pay special attention to this audience.

2. Customers don't fall from the sky

Customers may not fall from the sky, but you can give visibility to your properties using specialized portals in the foreign real estate market. This can lead to a real downpour of potential customers as the summer season transitions to fall.

3. Distance is not a challenge

Physical barriers? This is something that no longer exists in the middle of the 21st century. Nowadays, a buyer in the United States can search for properties located anywhere in the world.

Your lead is not able to physically visit the property? Thanks to new technologies, you can make use of virtual visits, 360º photos and online meetings between sellers and buyers.

These tech tricks make life much easier for you.

4. Never drop a lead

This can be one of the biggest mistakes that real estate agents make. A customer who has not closed a deal in the past is still looking for a property. Therefore, never drop a contact from your customer list.

Always stay close and make frequent contact for updates on the status of the purchase process. Offer new options.

5. Don't stop now

Do not think that because it is vacation season that you should decrease or stop your efforts. Many potential customers take advantage of days off and have more free time to do research on a property of interest.

People are connected and online, so having a greater digital presence at this time is essential to attract more customers.

Build your success_ListGlobally


So how should you sell? See our 5 tips for your success

1. Be available and efficient

Answering phone calls or responding to messages quickly is critical. Foreign buyers often stay in the city only for a few days, so they need to visit the property as soon as possible.

Not answering them promptly could make them turn around and go straight to your competitors!

Be attentive to leads that come to you and treat everyone as a potential customer.

2. Know your market

A professional real estate agent knows the area well, as well as the details of the properties you have for sale. It is also important to know what is being sold in the area, the prices in the region and the services available in the area.

Remember: foreign buyers have a lot of questions and only by being well prepared will you be able to provide an accurate and fast answer.

After all, trust is one of the deciding factors in the purchase process.

3. Know the buyer

Analyze the foreign buyer. That is, try to understand their needs, what are they looking for, what's the intended usage for the property, etc. This is how you will be able to present the dream home to your foreign investors.

It sounds easy, right? And it can be! Just offer personalized service, taking into account the culture and language of your potential customer.

4. Strengthen your image in the market

It is extremely important that the real estate agent builds a strong image and brand in the market. This will bring credibility and recognition, consequently resulting in a business opportunity.

Be the rock star of your market: be visible, be aware of the current legislation and  know the process of foreign property purchase.

Don't just be a real estate agent, be a real estate expert in the field!

5. Surprise your customer

Look for new ways to surprise your customers and leads. It doesn't have to be complicated.  It can be, for example, a guided tour around the property area, taking a break for a nice coffee at an establishment near the property. You will not only be showing the potential that your property has, but you will also present the lifestyle of the neighborhood to your potential customer. There is nothing better than feeling at home, right?

You can also be bolder and schedule an exclusive helicopter tour to show a unique view of the region where the property is located.

However, if the customer is physically distant, share your expertise regarding your personal interests! Are you a big fan of dining? Send a list of the best restaurants near the property of interest. Are you a golf fan? How about sending a review on the nearest course? These little extras may resonate with your lead or make you more endearing to them. Gauge their response to your input and learn something more about them.

The Summer Market is Full of Opportunity

Do not think that you should slow down or invest less in the promotion of your properties.

Many potential customers are visiting other countries! It's time to roll up your sleeves and get going!

ListGlobally is your Summer Partner

Our full team is working from home during the Coronavirus Crisis. We are connected and have access to the right tools in order to Think Globally!

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