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Why are Chinese buyers important?

Traditionally, Chinese buyers have been very focused on investing in countries like the USA, Canada & Australia, mainly for migration and education purposes. As policies and legislation change in these countries, Europe is slowing emerging as the new favourite. If we consider Spain, in 2018 there was growth in Chinese inquiries about Spanish properties.

The growing importance of Europe

The diversity of Europe is also attracting a wide range of buyers. From those looking for lower entry cost properties and Golden Visas in Portugal and Greece, to those seeking lifestyle choices, luxury properties in the wine-growing areas and Alps in France and Switzerland are gaining huge popularity. When we talk about the Golden Visa in Portugal, Chinese people are the main holders. They represent 74%.

Education might not be the top reason for investments in Europe, but countries like Germany and France are getting attention through exchange and English language programes.

It is only a matter of time before Europe rises to the top of the pyramid of investments among Chinese buyers and at ListGlobally, we are all set to assist our clients and cater to this market.

Accessing the largest portals in China: and

Being on and is an amazing start for markets where Chinese buyers are inquiring about foreign property. While U.S. agents were already marketing their properties in Fang and Anjuke, the time has now come for European agents to get involved.

From now on, ListGlobally’s European clients can access Chinese buyers via the 2 largest property portals in China, and, boasting a total of 35 million unique Chinese visitors per month.

Fang and Anjuke are leading portals in China

Although Similarweb is not very reliable for Chinese websites, you can still use it to see the estimated 18 million unique users of and 17 million unique users of (as you can see here).

It is important to note that internet in China is very much about mobile traffic. On the official presentation, Anjuke claims to be the leader in mobile traffic with over 100 million active users monthly, occupying more than a 70% share in the mobile housing market in China and are essential portals when it comes to reaching chinese buyers. Their advertising is everywhere, and they’re the true equivalent of a Zillow or, the brands you can’t ignore as the undisputed leaders in their respective countries.

Customer experience on Anjuke

Let's have a look on the customer experience on Anjuke.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

When the Chinese buyer clicks to get in touch with the real estate agent, s/he can choose:

  • WeChat: by far the most frequently used communication channel by buyers!
  • Telephone: 2nd most used
  • Email: very uncommon. And in most cases, the buyer does not leave an email address, as it is not a mandatory field on Anjuke. Only the phone number and message are mandatory.

ListGlobally Chinese Concierge Service

Marketing properties to a Chinese audience is not just about portals. At ListGlobally we know that and that is why we provide our agents with a Chinese Concierge Service. This service aims to bridge the language and cultural barriers.

ListGlobally operates a Chinese concierge service team to assist Chinese buyers in the property search process. The Concierge team works with the buyer to identify the motivation and criteria behind the purchase, then matches the buyer to an agent in Europe that fits the profile, working as a go-between to smooth the transition.

This solution is two-fold:  buyers do not have to spend too much time searching for the right agent, and when an agent receives a Chinese lead from ListGlobally, it has already been qualified, making the sales process more efficient.

One final note is that access to this service is only available to Premium Pack clients.

Reach out! We want to talk!

If Chinese buyers is a focus for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the topic and see how we can help you market your properties to Chinese buyers!

Collaboration article — About the Author

Esther Yong — Director and Co-founder of

Esther Yong is the Director and Co-founder of, Australia’s no.1 Chinese language property portal. ACproperty is currently working alongside ListGlobally to assist them with their Chinese Concierge Services, providing Chinese market solution to ListGlobally clients around the world.


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