World’s Largest Real Estate Portal Network, ListGlobally, Expands into North America

24th August 2018 / Blau Journal

ListGlobally, the world’s largest online real estate portal network, announced today the expansion of its reach into the North American real estate market following nearly a decade of success working with real estate partners in Europe. ListGlobally is partnering with several of the nation’s top residential brokerages, the first of which include leading California firms, Willis Allen and Alain Pinel Realtors, to provide global consumers with access to premium properties throughout the country.

ListGlobally syndicates property listings across 120 leading real estate sites in more than 60 countries. The portal’s growing presence across North America makes it easier than ever for real estate professionals to harness international spending power, as foreign buyers and investors increasingly seek properties in the United States. Agents and brokers simply provide their properties directly to ListGlobally, these listings are then automatically translated into 16 languages and published on top-ranking real estate websites for each region, maximizing the visibility of listings among the most affluent buyers worldwide.

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