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New real estate actors coming into the catwalk during 2019 and real estate agents worldwide are changing their traditional marketing strategies into more bold and catchy campaigns. If content is absolutely mandatory, it is also true that the way it is presented has an impact on sales results. Let's find out what will be the top 5 real estate marketing trends for 2019.

1. Marketing automation will be king

If you never heard about it don't worry. You didn't missed the train. During 2019, due to the need of decreasing operations costs, saving time, and due to consumer behaviours (the Millennial and Generation Y are online and online is where you will need to be), real estate agents should be focused on automation. From typical responses to a lead, nurturing flows, property presentations, chatbots,... well you choose. Your time is vital and while you are running a visit with a potential customer, there is a whole world turning. You will have other potential clients claiming for your attention online so keep the business running 24/7.

To tackle this challenge, marketing automation bots are on the rise. These bots allow visitors to have a meaningful and logical conversation on your website, without you having to monitor the live chat. At ListGlobally we are already using ManyChat (connected to our facebook ads) and Intercom, to make sure we won't loose a bit, and that you always get your responses.

ListGlobally chat room

How to automate boring tasks?

Improve your relationship with your clients by creating communication flows that will impress them, even when you are sleeping.

  1. Develop email marketing campaigns to engage with leads and get them coming on the sales funnel.
  2. Create email drip campaigns that segment your list and send them a series of emails based on their preferences and their position in the funnel (If they are more likely to buy or not).
  3. Use chatbots on your website and Facebook page, like Manychat for example, to reach out, to engage in a conversation and answer helpful questions that can immediately solve your potential customers pain points. Let's have a look on ManyChat presentation video:



Create a design that’s mobile friendly and try to include some local or tax related content content for your foreign customers. Don't forget to test, measure and optimise. A/B testing is an essential part of your automation process as it's the process that will allow you to check with content, image etc works best. Last it is important to say that even though automation its becoming more and more importante, the "human touch" is still really important for real estate business, so don't forget to talk directly to your clients.

2. Let's make some content

As we know, content is really important to increase our brand awareness and reputation on the market. Having this in mind, we advise you to grab the computer and start writing some actionable and local content for your foreign buyers.

ListGlobally's example of the content you can produce

  • Write articles about your city lifestyle and it's outskirts.
  • Taxes and other expenses related to property acquisition
  • School and health system
  • Financing tips, white papers or guides
  • Etc.

Understand what they want (we can give you a hand with this article) and then deliver a fast, smooth and clean service. 

3. Video is worth more than a million words

Movement and color has always caught up our attention and during 2019 you should think about doing a few videos do promote yourself and your business. If you are thinking "well I can take some pictures put it in imovie or Magisto and so some quick video..." forget about it. You really need to go in front of the camera and sell the house and the neighbourhood.

Let's have a look into Amy Youngren's example. She is one of Inman's 100 most influential real estate leaders. In each video, she describes the main features of the home and the neighborhood while she demonstrates her personality and professionalism. Even though we recommend videos of 1:30 min, this one is a great example of how you can improve your results by using video.




Nowadays, live video on either Instagram or Facebook, where you can answer questions from your potential customers in real time, is a big plus for your personal branding and for your property promotion.

Last but not least, be aware that long videos won't be much of a help. Try to make them at a maximum of 1:30, and be sure to share it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram TV, and don’t forget to embed EVERY video you make on a page in your site.

A few tips to start building your video storyboard

  • Briefly present yourself
  • Sell the house (present what are the main features)
  • Sell the neighbourhood and its lifestyle (why not asking the neighbour to give a testimonial for your video?)
  • Don't forget to include a clear call to action in the end of your video (Call me now, Visit this property, etc)

4. Social media is precious

If you are already using social media to build your brand identity you are on the good track to build a trustful relationship between you and your clients. However, if you are struggling to build your own brand we provide you a few hints.

  • Don't lie or exaggerate. Less is more. In this globalised world, it is quite fast and simple to check if you are telling the truth.
  • Include your potential customers into funny processes. Why not showing them a renovation work on a property? Why not asking them their opinion? And if you are running an open house, why not do it also online? Don't be afraid of creating a connection to other people.
  • Spend a few dollars and time on building professional image. Get a professional photographer to get the best angle of your properties.
  • Position yourself as a serious and professional expert. If you’re are acquainted with the obstacles foreign buyers face while buying a house, show them, in their language, you are the right professional to handle their request.

Josh Altman from California, is a good example on how to use social network to build a trustful relationship with your customers.

Example of a real estate agent that has a strong presence in social media. Josh Altman instagram image

Don't forget you are the brand and you also need to sell yourself. 

5. Become the influencer not the follower

Have you ever tried searching your name on google? If your name pops-up in the first page, congratulation, you can consider yourself a successful agent. If you're not, there are a few miles to go before you go to sleep. Here we provide you 3 tips about how to get started.

  • Online reviews: like you want to know if the hotel you booked is a good hotel, real estate buyers will be looking to know more about you. Make sure that you have your clients to comment on your work. This will help you to increase customers trust.
  • Local websites, blogs and press: write to local newspapers and to local blogs about real estate. Set yourself as the influencer and not the follower.
  • Run marketing campaigns around this content: show your potential buyers you are the influencer when it comes to real estate. Show your potential customers you are THE expert.

One example of how to become an influencer is Fredrik Eklund, a celebrity real estate professional with over 1.7 million followers in total on his social media pages. He not only helps you in finding the right home, but he is also a published author in the New York Times and a reality TV star on the Bravo network, as we can see on the video below.



Establishing your marketing goals for 2019

At ListGlobally we help real estate agents worldwide to connect with their foreign buyers. By providing international exposure to real estate agents, we help them to improve their sales results.

If you want our help to define your international marketing strategy, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you out.



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