What should you consider when you think about growing your business

The growth we have seen during 2017 is here to stay. A big smile emoticon is expected but we should not ignore the challenges brought by the geopolitical framework (with concerns moving from local to global), and that sellers will face a competitive market due to high demand vs the number of properties on the market.

On the other side, and according to PWC Report on Real Estate Trends for 2018, cities will continue to grow due to different lifestyles and employment reality. We are living in a world where the separation between personal and professional life is blurred so we will need to provide different kinds of properties, that are connected to commercial development, public spaces and transport.

Millenials are alive and kicking!

Millenials are starting to play the game all over the globe. As the financial situation improves, Millennials are increasing their incomes and start leaving their rented homes and looking to buy a house or apartment.

Realtor predicts that in the USA by the end of 2018, millennials may comprise 43% of home buyers taking out mortgages and they will also be the recipients of a larger share of middle/upper-tier mortgages.

But what are they searching for?

Stay tuned … we will provide that information during the month of May.


Unsurprisingly, Brexit will continue to be a factor that has impacts on real estate. Some investors are concerned about this reality and this uncertainty and according to PWC, Frankfurt is already starting to notice some positive signs following UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Great news for them, isn’t it?

We should also note that Copenhagen, due to it’s strong economic growth, is a market to keep an eye on. Investors are searching for all kinds of properties for different usages (retirement, education, and others).

But don’t get too excited with these 2 cities in Europe, because there are more cities to look up worlwide during the year. Don’t you believe that? Continue reading and you will find all the answers.


In the USA it is expected a rise on prices but not as high as in 2017. Among all homes, entry level or first-time homes will see the highest price increases due to inventory shortage.

When it comes to Europe we know that markets like Portugal and Spain present the same trend when it comes to prices. They are higher but the good news is that there is still a lot of international buyers that searching on those areas.

World Hotspots for Real Estate Investment

So let’s get to the juicy part of our article. Here you have a list of the countries that are considered to be the hotspots for 2018. Isn’t it exciting?

Feel free to share it!


Last but not least…let’s talk about technology.

Real estate sector is living an amazing time but we have to face it… we will need new skills and new technological tools that will help us to collaborate internationally in order to survive and compete in our new reality.

According to Kobi Lahav, senior managing director at Mdrn. Residential, a New York City–based brokerage:

“more than ever, technology will be a required resource for home buyers as they will have to get real time information about new listings”.

Its is also a fact that handling data, connecting everything and everyone is a big challenge the sector is now facing. According to PWC Report on Real Estate trends for 2018

“Better access to data — the new ‘oil’ for the real estate sector — could allow technology companies or new entrants to dominate entire sections of real estate.”

Now that you know all this… How do you plan to overcome these obstacles?

How many international buyers are you losing everyday due to a lack of technological partner that understands the complexity of the business and provides you solutions?

ListGlobally helps you getting your international buyers!

ListGlobally has you covered, providing access to a truly global audience and promotion across the largest network of real property portals available.

We provide you:

  • global reach (+100 portals, + 60 countries)
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  • data on real estate business
  • marketing tools
  • training material
  • and others

For more information on products and services, reach out! We want to talk.

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