The Keyes Company is now a global brand

We are pleased to  welcome the launch of The Keyes Company's property listings on the ListGlobally network. Through this partnership The Keyes Company takes a step further in their international exposure and in their commitment to provide a full marketing strategy to its clients.

From now onwards more than 12'000 listings will be reaching a global consumers across 12 countries.

The importance of this partnership

According to ListGlobally’s data, the U.S. is part of the Top 10 countries where foreign buyers intend to buy.  The one’s that displayed a stronger will to buy, were the Chinese (7%) and the French (5%).

Following this trend, The Keyes Company strengthens its position for continued success.

The United States is on our top 10 most popular countries for foreign buyers inquiries and they are willing to spend an average $448,000 USD. This means that working with foreigners is no longer an “add on” to real estate agents services. It is an excellent PLUS when it comes to selling consumers homes.

Byron Burley, ListGlobally’s President for North America.

The Chinese buyers are also an important audience to consider in order to work in real estate. In fact, 2018 saw an increase of 44% by Chinese consumers for U.S. properties.

Historically, 20% of The Keyes Company sales are made to foreigners

Historically 20 percent of The Keyes Company sales in Miami-Dade were made to foreigners.

"Real Estate will always be a local business, however we need to adapt ourselves to an audience that is increasingly global. Our partnership with ListGloballywill be a win for our sellers and Realtors®.”

Mike Pappas, CEO & President of The Keyes Company.

With this new partnership The Keyes Company expect to take a step further and  when it comes to be on the forefront of real estate in the U.S.

About The Keyes Company

Independently-owned and operated since 1926, The Keyes Company is a leader in the real estate industry. Keyes completed a merger with Illustrated Properties in July 2016. Following the merger, Keyes has 58 offices, more than 3,000 Associates and nearly $6 billion in annual real estate sales and services.

Keyes’ offices are distributed throughout six counties:

  • Miami-Dade, Broward.
  • Palm Beach, Martin.
  • St. Lucie.
  • and Volusia.

Keyes expands its Associates’ reach globally as a Founding Member and Shareholder of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. In addition to its Associates’ expertise, The Keyes Company offers a suite of resources to cover whatever needs arise while buying or selling your home.

Customers mortgage, title, insurance, and property management needs can all be managed in-house, allowing them to close deals with speed and efficiency, while giving consumers the opportunity to talk to a real person whenever they have a question.


Join The Keyes Company with ListGlobally

ListGlobally connects agents to their international audience. We help agents advertise their listings to the world giving their vendors global exposure. An agent simply uploads a property, and we will automatically send it to a range of market leading property portals around the world. Furthermore, due to our innovative translation tool, the listings are automatically translated in 25 languages.


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