ListGlobally continues to curate the best selection of portals for its luxury clients. As the network continues to evolve and progress, we are excited to share some of our latest updates with you as some portals are new or have replaced others.

Portals added to the network

We have added several new leading portals to our network in Germany, Belgium, China and Asia. These portals are leaders in their markets and will extend the network reach to a specialized and expanded audience. is one of the leading German subscription-based property portals, listing property in Germany and a number of other European countries. Immowelt portals receive more than 100 million page views per month on seven portals. is among the leading real estate portals in German-speaking countries, for those looking for property in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Real estate professionals can target their audiences here with precision and market their properties efficiently and quickly. is one of the largest real estate platforms in the Belgian property market and the site continues to grow in popularity with over 3 million visits per month.

To target Chinese real estate buyers

We also are pleased to partner with Juwai - with its powerful lead generation and visibility for our clients who are targeting high-net-worth Chinese buyers and the Asian international real estate market.  Combined with ListGlobally’s world-renowned network portals, the addition of Juwai’s comprehensive and authoritative sources for Chinese property listings will create a commanding market force that will exponentially benefit international real estate agents.

As a large-scale Chinese international real estate search engine, provides more than 2 million global real estate listings in 111 countries on a one-stop platform, including investment real estate, immigration real estate, study abroad real estate, and US EB-5 Investment immigration development projects, etc.  The all-Chinese online real estate search system and application also allow you to cross language and cultural barriers to find your ideal home overseas.

In the era of global asset allocation, investing in international properties is a shared interest of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). To this end, officially launched "" in May 2020, providing a professional and comprehensive service platform for HNWIs all over the world to instantly search and view international listings. The new website is mainly available in English for global consumers, primarily Asian elite buyers.

Focused on international exposure

By carefully curating our portal offerings, we continue to cull a selection of leading and luxury network affiliates that offer you targeted traffic for your luxury listings. It is our aim to provide our clients with maximum opportunities at a reasonable price – with a focus on international buyers. The ListGlobally Leading and Luxury Portal Network magnifies the exposure of your prestigious listings in the international market.

More about Luxury by ListGlobally

Luxury is the boost that your high-end properties deserve! For only $ 99/mo per listing, Global Agents can publish their properties on luxury real estate portals. Find out more or be in touch with us and start publishing your finest listings on world-leading real estate portals.

Luxury by ListGlobally

ListGlobally operates the largest global network of property portals in the world, advertising across +100 property portals in over 60 countries, reaching a monthly consumer audience of over 150+ Million potential buyers.

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