ListGlobally is happy to announce another enhancement to our product and service offerings. So far this year, we have highlighted the marketing resources tool and the transferable promotion feature for agents, but this enhancement will delight your clients and buyers: Drawing on Maps for search criteria on the Properstar portal.

Whether you’re a real estate agent whose client is looking for a condo near the highway so their commute is easier, or you are a home buyer who wants to live within walking distance of your child’s school, Drawing on Maps allows for an enhanced and customized search experience.

Defined search area

Users will be able to further fine-tune their property search by utilizing the Drawing on Maps feature to select specific parameters within the map image displayed in their filter.  This helps users to either capture neighborhoods of interest to them or to avoid specific locations in their search.

It is now much easier for buyers to find the perfect location – faster.

The list of search results will update based on the geographical area found within the borders of the drawn shape. Buyers can then view the list of properties that are located within their defined area.

Draw on the Properstar map

Using their mouse or finger on the screen, users can draw shapes on the map image and outline the location criteria more accurately in their property search.


A personalized search

 1) Enter your search criteria on using filter: price, number of bedrooms, city, etc.

 2) Click on the Draw button in the top right corner of the map 

 3) Click/tap and drag to draw the perfect shape

Draw ib map circle

 4) Release when your shape has been chosen

 5) Your search results are immediately updated

This feature is available for new searches as well as for existing saved searches in the users’ My Home personal space. Visit Properstar and give it a try!

Customizing your experience

This announcement marks the first milestone of an exciting journey on how we plan to make selling easier for you. ListGlobally and Properstar are working hard to give our agents that extra edge that will be noticed by buyers and sellers in the international market.

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