ListGlobally has enhanced its agent benefits by launching Properstar Luxury Homes.

Buyers now have access to selected premium destinations worldwide, displayed in an easy-to-navigate layout. This new Properstar Luxury Homes landing page makes searching more convenient by pre-filtering listings in the luxury housing market. Be sure to check it out!

More visibility for your Luxury Listings

This is an added bonus for those Global Agents who purchase Luxury by ListGlobally, as your promoted listings will rank higher on Properstar. This makes your advertising more effective, as your most exquisite properties will be noticed first by international luxury buyers. Need more information on becoming a Global Agent? Be in touch, we will be glad to explain more about the program and its benefits.

Properstar offers more than 100,000 premium properties in the most exclusive areas worldwide: be it Europe, North America, the Middle East, Australia, or Asia. International buyers and sellers will be delighted that we have simplified the search process. Luxury properties are easier to find – and easier to sell!

Luxury services on Properstar

Luxury Concierge

  • An actual person that is available to assist and guide buyers on their luxury property search. We bridge the language gap and connect leads to Global Agents.

Reputable agents

  • We connect buyers with the right real estate agent, who knows the market, understands their needs and is passionate about international real estate.

Selection of properties

  • With a wide selection of prestigious properties in multiple countries, we help buyers find, select, inquire and purchase the luxury property of their dreams while placing our agents at the forefront of the international market.

We connect international luxury buyers with agents like YOU.

Start selling luxury and get international!

More about Luxury by ListGlobally

Luxury is the boost that your high-end properties deserve! For only $ 99/month per listing, Global Agents can publish their properties on luxury real estate portals. Be in touch with us and start publishing your finest listings on world-leading real estate portals.

ListGlobally operates the largest global network of property portals in the world, advertising across +100 property portals in over 60 countries, reaching a monthly consumer audience of over 150+ Million potential buyers.

Questions? We invite you to reach out to us or open a chat with us on

Contact us

If you are a Real Estate Professional or property seller and you would like to expand your international network, advertise, or engage with international property buyers, contact us and we will help get you started with your enhanced global marketing strategy.



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