Someone once said: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Well, the truth is that the first impression of a buyer is what really counts when he sees your listings on Properstar. Actually, you have only a few seconds to convince the customer that you’re the best agent and that he should work with you. 


If you are part of the ListGlobally's international network, you already have an agent page on Properstar. Customers can access your profile from your listings and from the new find a local real estate agent service page. The profile picture and agent name on the listing help to catch the attention of buyers and sellers when they are doing a search. With a simple click they can learn more about your and how you can help them.  


Properstar Agent Page 

When a real estate buyer searches for properties on Properstar, several factors can capture his attention and lead him to review your property. We mentioned in previous articles the importance of having quality photographs and correctly qualified properties in your CRM. But today we are not going to focus on these points. In this post, the focus will be on you, the real estate agent!  

The Properstar agent page was designed to help professionals create a greater connection with real estate customers, giving them the opportunity to win these client's trust and to convince them to work with you. And we are not just talking about buyers, but also property owners who have properties to sell and use our portals to find the best possible local agent, and who want to learn more about the market price of properties like the one they own. 

You can access and edit your agent page here. It should be filled in your local language, and Properstar translates it automatically into 25 languages.

Profile picture 

When the customers stop at your listing, they will see your photo and name, once you have correctly updated your agent profile.  

The profile picture is exported directly from your CRM but can be changed at any time directly in your ListGlobally/Properstar dashboard. Blurry pictures, or an agency logo should be avoided on the profile page as the purpose of this page is to generate a personal connection with the customer. If you are part of an agency, be reassured, the agency logo is already displayed on the listing page. The agent page was made for you, so present yourself and conquer the world! 

Your profile photo should be of excellent quality and be sure to wear a nice smile and a natural and relaxed professional outfit. Given the small size of the picture, it is ideal to have a photograph of the face or half-body. Remember that the goal is to build trust with the viewer. Conquer them with a nice profile picture! Image 1-1-1

Contact information 

The contact information provided by the feed is automatically filled up in your profile, however it’s best to review it to avoid mistakes. It is important to confirm that the telephone number is correct, as it must contain the international code. Potential buyers living abroad should have access to the phone number without having to search for the country code. Do you know what is the country code for the United States, France, or even your own country? Well, the buyer does not know either! Make his life easier and you will increase the changes to receive more calls.   

Spoken languages  

Describing the languages you speak is important, as foreign buyers are frequently searching for agents who speak their language. 

A common mistake we see is that agents do not include their mother tongue in this section. But this is important. The fact that you work in France does not mean you necessarily speak French. Some agents working in France come from English-speaking countries, and they only speak English, as their target buyer is from English speaking countries too. 

Do not assume that the client knows which languages you speak. Include your mother tongue and any other language you speak in your profile description. If you do not speak English but have a colleague that helps you on the communication, feel free to include English as one of your languages. The important is to avoid losing a potential buyer due to a lack of communication.  

Description on how you can help your customers  

In this section you can stand out even more. Use it to say who you are and what you can do for your customers, whether they are buyers or property owners.

Tell a little about yourself and your story to catch the reader’s attention. Talk a little about your work, how you can help buyers, and mention other added value you offer to your customers. You can find inspiration by seeing other’s profiles on Properstar agents service page

If finding new properties for sale is a part of your job, include a short sentence addressed to property sellers. Our personalised Marketing Kit flyers, will help to position you as an international real estate agent and to get new properties. You can download your Marketing kit here.Image 3

Online connections 

Digital platforms are increasingly part of our personal and professional lives and are just a click away. For customers who are not fans of email, nor like to talk on the phone, at least in a first contact, social networks offer another way to communicate. 

Take advantage of this section to display your social networks, your page on the agency's website, or other relevant links so that potential customers can reach you easily. 

The old cliché “from people to people” makes perfect sense here, so take advantage of social media not only to talk about real estate, but to truly connect with potential customers.   

Personalize your page URL 

Image 4

In the upper right corner of your profile page is your URL, which is created based on the name on your profile. However, it is customizable. Use it if you need to identify yourself differently.  

Update Your Agent Profile Now

More About ListGlobally 

ListGlobally is the world’s largest network of property portals, but we are much more than that. We are a selling tool, we are a differentiator, and we advertise your listings across +100 property portals in +60 countries, reaching a monthly consumer audience of over 150 million potential buyers.  

If you would like more information, please submit a contact form and our team will be in touch with you to carry on the conversation.  


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