Last year, the editorial teams of leading property portals in Italy published an article that was called “Italy: always more foreigners buy in our beautiful country” ( or “Always more foreign buyers looking for a house in Italy” ( Today we want to unwrap this and provide you some useful data.

Foreign buyers in Italy

Foreign buyers were responsible for 5.5 billion euros worth of transactions in 2016. According to, these numbers are a record since 2007. On the other hand, Knight Frank’s data,  found that users of 171 nationalities searched for Italian properties on its website during 2015.

Who is buying in Italy?

The most active foreigners in Italy are the British, U.S. and German buyers. According to, they adds the Chinese and French buyers to this list as you can see below :

Foreign residents in Italy

In Italy from 1 million residents in 2002, to 5 million residents in 2016 which is 8% of the total population (source: National Institute of Statistics). This clearly shows that Italy is attracting foreigners as you can see below:

Target foreign buyers and take advantage of this market

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