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As a real estate professional, you know how difficult it can be to manage your customers’ expectations and convince them that you are the best choice to sell their home. One of the tools all real estate agent should have in hand to overcome this obstacle is Reports.

We know that thinking about reports might be overwhelming and boring. Still, we all recognise that Reports are really important tools to develop our business and improve our sales results. Having this in mind, and following ListGlobally new dashboard, we decided to take a step further and create a new reports section. Let's find out more?

Reports are important

Real estate reports are important for every agent that wants to be in the forefront of the business. By building and analysing your data and performance, you will be able to find trends to make decisions and to impresses your clients. You will be able to understand where the market has been, where it is now, and where it’s going.

But Reports are also an excellent marketing tool. How? Because content is king and nowadays customers are more informed. They like to see the numbers themselves, and there is nothing like creating some articles about your own data. Why not creating an article about "what are the sexiest properties for foreign buyers during May?".

Which agent do you think they will call first when they are ready to sell? You, a professional that is constantly showing you "own" the market, or an agent that is only promoting its' brand through Billboards?

ListGlobally Reports section

Hooray! A new Reports section is live to help you build great reports. As you might be aware, in the last few months we have been working hard to improve your MyListGlobally Dashboard. One one these improvements is the new Reports section.

Overview of ListGlobally's reports section Overview of ListGlobally's reports section

From the 1st June onwards our real estate agents will be able to check:

  • How many foreigners saw your listings
  • The number of listings that are being promoted internationally
  • How many people inquired for your properties

Through this section we aim to help real estate agents to take strategic decisions and help them realize what kind of properties works best for this foreign audience and which kind of property attracts what type of foreign buyer.

Unleash your statistics power

ListGlobally is the world's largest network of property portals. Through our +100 property portals we can promote your properties to foreign buyers. We help you to profit from market opportunities to grow your business.

By increasing your exposure and adapting to the new real estate trends and law changes, you can boost your sales. On the other hand, through our dashboard you will be able to track consumer and performance trends. What are you waiting for? Go from local to global and unleash your statistics power.

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