Turkish Real Estate Market is Growing Despite Crisis in the Region.

The number of houses sold has grown by 5,1% in 2017. In Turkey, almost 1,5 Million houses were sold in 2017.

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First the failed military “coup” in July 15th 2016 and then the war in Syria has affected Turks and Turkey negatively in many respects but not when it comes in the number of houses sold. The number of houses sold has achieved a new record level with 1.409.314 in 2017, which makes up an increase by 5.1% in 2017 compared to the previous year. As it is in all areas, Istanbul has a leading position with 238.383 houses; this is 16,9% of all houses sold in the country. For the house sales of 2017, İstanbul had the highest share of house sales with 16.9% and 238 383 sold houses. The followers of Istanbul were Ankara with 150 561 houses sales with 10.7% and İzmir 84 184 house sales with 6%. The least house sold province is Hakkari with 124 house sales. In Turkey, 473 099 of all sales were mortgaged sales and 936 215 are other house sales.

The number of houses sold to foreigners has achieved a new peak in 2017. In Turkey the number of houses bought by foreigners in 2017 has increased by 22,2% compared to 2016.; In total 22 234 houses were sold to foreigners in 2017.

House sales to foreigners increased by 22.2% in 2017 compared to the previous year. In house sales to foreigners, İstanbul was the first province with 8 182 sales in 2017. Antalya was the second province with 4 707 sales. Antalya was followed by Bursa with 1 474 sales and Yalova with 1 079 sales.
 In December 2017, 2 164 houses were sold to foreigners. İstanbul was the first province with 802 sales in December 2017. The followers of İstanbul were Antalya with 378 house sales, Bursa with 188 house sales and Yalova with 141 house sales.

The number 1 foreign buyers in Turkey are Iraqi citizens (mainly coming the north part of the country.

Iraqi citizens bought 3 805 houses from Turkey in 2017. The followers of Iraq were Saudi Arabia with 3 345 house sales, Kuwait with 1 691 house sales, Russia with 1 331 house sales and Afghanistan with 1 078 house sales.