Our NEW international search technology is live !

At ListGlobally we power the international search for over 90 property portals around the world including for example ImmoVlan in Belgium, Explorimmo and Acheter-Louer in France, Immostreet.ch in Switzerland, Willhaben in Austria, TheHouseShop in the United Kingdom, Publimaison in Canada, 99Acres in India, Xrysi Eukairia in Greece, Emlaktown in Turkey, Mubawab in Morocco, City24 in the Baltics or GoPlaceIt in Latin America to name a few.

And today we have great news ! Thanks to the great work of our technical team in the past 12 months, we have now implemented a brand new international search technology which makes it easy to search in Paris, New York or Barcelona :

Search for properties in Paris from the Belgian portal Immo.Vlan (#2 in Belgium)

Why is that good news for you?

For internet users, this search experience makes it easier to find properties in any city, without the complexity of having to type in the exact location. International buyers looking to buy in Paris might be interested in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and the ones looking to buy near Barcelona might be interested in Sitges or Gava.

International search for properties in and around Barcelona

Thanks to this new technology, and especially the map search, we have already seen a dramatic increase in the conversion rate. For our clients, this is very good news because it means more contact emails. And for the users of these international sections, it means more pleasure in their search!

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Thanks for your attention. Whether you are a property portal interesting in our international search technology, or a real estate actor willing to target foreign buyers, don’t hesitate to contact us here.