International search on cutting edge

Here at Listglobally we understand the real needs of the agent selling a property. It’s blindingly obvious — when marketing a house you want to have a better visibility of your listing. It should not only have a high resolution and eye catching property presentation, but also get found in search in a snap. No one wants to see their listings on the last page of 200 results. And of course everyone wants leads.

With the latest product release, we have materialized many of the wishes that became real market requirements. Our focus is on how users search for a property. We cut all unnecessary steps and links to make the search finally simple. Of course all filters and refine options are still available for a user with precise criteria. But it’s now optional and can be added quickly using shortcuts.

A property buyer is even free to drag the interactive map and choose any location, refining their scope by zooming and moving. Potential buyers know very little about house buying in your area, this way they can explore all available offers similar to the initial query. And your property can be found easily by proximate location data.

Our new search is powered by cutting edge Web technologies and a new design, allowing users to load the data faster, find information in seconds and have a delightful browsing experience.

With more than 60% of our traffic browsing on mobile, it goes without saying that all those new features are available on all devices.

We have literally shortened the distance between a potential buyer and you as a property marketer. Search — Get — inquire. Just like that. Nothing else.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re working on more and more exciting features to bring more performance to your listings. Stay tuned.

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