The different ways foreigners can own property in Thailand

The different ways foreigners can own property in Thailand

As tourism grows every year, Thailand, especially Phuket, becomes a more popular location for property investment.

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Why foreign buyers invest in the U.S. residential real estate?

Despite the political reality in the U.S., foreign buyers are still looking to buy properties. In fact, from April 2017 to March 2018, foreign buyers purchased $121.0 billion of residential property in the U.S.

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25% of foreign investment in U.S. residential real estate was made by Chinese

In 2018, Chinese accounted for roughly 25% of foreign investment in the U.S. Residential real estate. In fact, Chinese investors have been the biggest buyers of U.S. residential properties for six consecutive years. But what will be the consequence of this trade tension between the U.S. and China, in the real estate sector?

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Florida gathered 21% of all foreign consumer interest in the U.S. during 2018

In 2018 ListGlobally recorded a near 28% increase in the number of foreign consumer leads expressing their interest in international properties. It is no surprise that the U.S. is among the top countries for foreign property buyers to buy property.

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Foreign Buyers in Dubai : An interview with LuxHabitat

At ListGlobally we believe that rather than only looking at statistics, we need to dive deeper and also have our customers feedback. This is why we had an interview with Joseba Umbelina from LuxHabitat in Dubai to understand how foreign buyers are trending in that region.

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What do Spain's key Foreign Buyers look for in a property?

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Concierge Service to help foreign buyers

Foreign buyers rarely get answers from agents

Imagine you're a French buyer, making a request for a beautiful Spanish property on Costa del Sol. Obviously, you've sent an email written in French. Seven days later, you still don't have any answer. Indeed, we've made a study that shows that 69% of buyers don't get any answer from the real estate agents they contact.

  • Feb 27, 2019 9:14:50 AM |
  • Geoffroy Reiser

Top 5 real estate marketing trends for 2019

This article is available in the following languages: FR / ES / PT

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Egypt: a growing opportunity for foreign buyers

$12.4 billion deal that boosted Egypt's economy

The improvement in Egypt’s macroeconomy follows the government reforms which were part of a $12.4 billion deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in November 2016. The Egyptian economy has since made some remarkable progress in the last three years with a significant increase in foreign direct investment. In fact, the IMF recently commended the strict programme which has seen Egypt’s economy growth amongst the highest in the Middle East.

Reform plans, which included subsidies cuts and currency flotation, have helped stabilise the economy but have also caused a substantial strain on consumer purchase power. Nonetheless, the real estate market has remained buoyant and successfully managed to adapt to changes in demand and supply.

Cairo Property Cycle Source: JLL Report in Cairo

Egypt is an interesting market for foreigners

According to the Central Bank of Egypt, the GDP growth is expected to reach 5.4% in 2019, and similar growth rates are anticipated until 2021.

Egypt’s GDP growth 2018 Source: and Central Bank of Egypt

On the other hand, during 2019, inflation is expected to drop to lower levels as the impact of subsidies cuts diminishes. If the Central Bank of Egypt decides to lower interest rates in 2019, this could well lead to an increased interest in real estate investment, not only from Egyptians but also from foreigners.

New homes at competitive prices

The majority of demand for residential units was in the form of new off- plan property sales which caused activity in the secondary market to remain at a standstill as sales and asking prices reduced. This change is attributed to new developments offering new homes at competitive prices and with extended payment plans of up to 10 years.

Amongst the different residential unit types, villas particularly in New Cairo were the most sought after. These appreciated by up to 16% throughout the year. In some areas like the 6th of October City experienced an increase of 17% and 14% in apartment and villa rentals respectively. This is largely because home owners await the completion of their off-plan property.


Cairo Office Rents 2018 Source: JLL Report in Cairo

The entry of new multinational firms into the market

The office sector saw continued growth with the relocation of local businesses and the entry of new multinational firms into the market. Business offices associated with gated residential developments in New Cairo were the most attractive to investors. Due to this reason rental rates have increased by more than 10% over 2018.

New projects that help to attract foreign buyers

In Cairo approximately 18,000 residential units were added to the market in 2018, which is the highest figure seen for several years. During 2019, the same figures are expected as more developments are likely to be completed in time for 2020.

More opportunities are coming to fruition with plans to create 20 new smart cities across Egypt. Some of these new cities around Cairo include the addition of 78,000 acres in New 6th of October, 32,000 acres in Sphinx City and 6,000 acres in New Mansoura City.

Amongst those cities we find the New Administrative Capital and New Alamein City (see the video below).

Several new developments offering world-class facilities are planned that will not only cater to local demand but also attract overseas property investors.

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Foreign Buyers: A growing trend in 2018

Interest from foreign property buyers continues to grow for properties around the world. ListGlobally has recorded increases in 2018 over 2017’s numbers from consumer interest globally. ListGlobally track consumer interest through our consumer’s online searches for properties and inquiries that are submitted by consumers through the ListGlobally portal network.The most significant increases in foreign consumer interest in 2018 was for properties in the following countries, Portugal, Spain and France.

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