Foreign buyers rarely get answers from agents

Imagine you're a French buyer, making a request for a beautiful Spanish property on Costa del Sol. Obviously, you've sent an email written in French. Seven days later, you still don't have any answer. Indeed, we've made a study that shows that 69% of buyers don't get any answer from the real estate agents they contact.

How do we serve better this buyer? Introducing the Concierge Service.

This Concierge Service will also be very helpful for the real estate agents. Indeed, agents prefer qualified buyers than low-quality leads. And that's exactly what the Concierge Service does: qualifying buyers, generating warm leads for agents.

How does the Concierge Service work?

  1. Seven days after the foreign buyer sent a lead (email request), the Concierge Service calls the buyer. First, the Concierge asks the buyer if they got a reply from the agent. In most cases, the buyer says that he hasn't and would like to be contacted back.
  2. After a telephone conversation of several minutes enquiring about the criterias of the buyer, the Concierge sends a request to one or several agents who have adequate properties.

A typical lead generated by the Concierge Service contains the following information:

  • Name of the buyer
  • Country
  • Email:
  • Phone number (with country code)
  • Criterias. For example: "This contact is looking for a modern house in the region of Alicante with a swimming pool and 3 bedrooms. Her budget is approx. 260‘000 euros."

What languages does the Concierge Service speak?

We started the Concierge Service with French-speaking buyers making requests for Spanish and Portuguese properties. Indeed, 35% of the leads generated by ListGlobally for these countries come from French speaking buyers. However we've now hired more people in the Concierge Service, with the following languages covered:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese (see here)
  • Polish

Do you want to start benefiting form this service?

Concierge Service in Spain

We first started this service in Spain, due to the fact that a very high percentage of buyers were not getting any answer from real estate agents.

To make this service optimal, we are asking the real estate agents to fill in some information about them:

  • Agency Name
  • Geographic area covered
  • Minimum budget required (to avoid sending them buyers with a budget they consider too low)
  • Languages spoken by the real estate agents
  • Type of properties (especially for New Homes, and Luxury properties)

If you are already a customer of ListGlobally and want to be matched with foreign buyers who speak your language, click on the following button.


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