5 funny real estate video commercials

Seriously we all like those funny videos that make us laugh, even if it’s about business like real estate. I would say especially in that case, when serious facts are given like a joke.

We’ve lined up a list of those hilarious video commercials in hope to entertain you and make you smile as we did.

1. This is the commercial released last year by CIAN, a real estate portal based in Russia (in top 3 by country rank). They’ve produced another one this year, but we think this one is quite better.

The slogan says “We verify each property listing in person”, further translation is not necessary.

2. A video commercial created by Swiss real estate portal Immostreet (in top 3 in Switzerland) a couple of years ago where a portal representative follows a client in her everyday life. It communicates the idea about offers available all the time and everywhere.

3. A nice video from Immowelt (German real estate portal), suggesting to find a new home as your home may be too small.

4. Cool video released by Century21 (US based) featuring an agent who chases the clients at the airport.

5. And an older video created by MLS Mexico, not that funny (if you see it), but still nice. Hopefully you don’t have to wake up like this.

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